RDF10 Bangladesh Deployment

As much as the group wanted to embark on this journey together, Covid 19 restrictions stoped many to travel.

However, it did not hinder the overall operation and a member did manage to travel.

I’ve traveled to all 4 corners of Bangladesh just under 14 days. I took 10 flights, Boat trips, Sea launch, Tom Toms, Cars and covered around 19,898 kilometres (3,966 in Bangladesh).

Abu Ibraheem

Our objective of this mission was to reach the most needy in the remote parts of Bangladesh. I am happy to say we met our goal, we can successfully implement our logistical plan for the future deliveries. We look to work with only the most needy people of Bangladesh.

The long journeys were definitely worthwhile. I forgot what hunger and self-care is, just to see the smile and appreciation from these people.

During my deployment, I visited our House building projects and future beneficiaries. Being in the Construction sector myself i am happy with the materials used, the build and the finish.

We delivered over 2,000 quality blankets in various unreachable parts of Bangladesh.

We were able set up a cataract camp in Patuakhali, a very rural part of southern Bangladesh.

I saw how our team are delivering the safe water project and inaugurated around 20 pumps.

We launched our Dhaka Soup Kitchen which will look to feed around 300 homless people and street children.

Finally, I was able to see the great work our team are putting in at RDF Maternity Care – RDF Globals signature project. On average there are 4 deliveries a week. A lot goes on behind the scene. Field work, counselling, workshops. All medication, antenatal care to post natal and delivery services are totally free for the poor”



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