Maternity Clinic

Approximately 24 new born babies per 1000 die due to birth complications

Our Flagship project

Childbirth should be a joyous occasion for both mother and family alike. Sadly, many would-be mothers in Bangladesh do not see the fruits of their labour because of avoidable complications. The result is a sudden death of the mother, the child, or both. 

Most of these deaths are avoidable, which is why we at RDF have made maternity care a priority. We have built a specialist maternity clinic in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh’s Sylhet division which provides free ante- and post-natal care. 



Trained midwives and nurses at the clinic help mothers with preparation, labour and full delivery of their child. Postpartum care, including vaccinations, are also administered to ensure babies remain healthy.

The centre runs 24 hours a day and has an ambulance service to respond to emergencies and transport mothers.

Our facility

Our facility also provides general medical care as well as minor trauma and accident casualty.

All medication and treatment is free for Zakat eligible patients.

Mothers Wall

For just £200, why not provide a plaque for our unique mother’s wall. This wall is showcased at our hospital for all patients to see. They can see who has helped them receive free generous care. Why not dedicate a plaque for your beloved mother as sadaqah jariyah, or for a deceased relative?


Hafsa is a young mother who was once an outpatient at a hospital approximately 40 km away from her village.

Prior to the birth of her first child, they informed her that she would require a C-section to deliver her baby safely and this despite there being no complications with her or the child. The cost of the operation was around £400.00. It was too expensive.

Desperate for help, she came to RDF Global’s maternity care centre. Our specialist team examined her and informed her that she wouldn’t need a caesarean. In time she delivered a healthy baby girl in a safe environment.

Forced caesareans are unfortunately common in Bangladesh. Predatory healthcare providers dupe would-be mothers into taking caesareans to make money. Research shows that an estimated 860,000 mothers had unnecessary caesarean operations last year.

Our exceptional maternity hospital in Sunamganj needs £51,000 to run each year. These funds ensure that poor expectant mothers can deliver their child in safety, comfort and the laps of expertise – and all of it for free.

Ensure this life-saving service can continue running by donating your sadaqah. This will help cover the salaries of the doctors, midwives, and the utility bills of the hospital. Most importantly, your donation will lay down the path for new-borns to come into the world.