Safe Water & Sanitation

Access to clean water reduces poverty faster. Why? Because less time is used searching for safe water, less money is spent dealing with illnesses and less lives are lost as a whole. Families can give more time to schooling, parenting and earning an income. 

Provide a hand pump today for just £350 and help Bangladesh’s communities thrive!


The presence of manganese, chloride and iron contamination also reduces the quality of drinking water.

We have taken up a commitment to provide safe drinking water in various rural areas by providing Water Pumps. We also aim to launch our sanitation project soon as hygiene and sanitation is another factor affecting the basic quality of life for the disadvantaged.

How You've Helped

Aysha and Yusuf walked over two kilometres every day to secure a small portion of water for their family. This all changed when RDF Global built a new hand pump near their home. Today they have saved on money, time and health.

Help provide safe water. £350 will enable us to provide a Water Pump in one of the most deprived part of Bangladesh.