In Bangladesh, 1 in 4 school-aged children are currently out of education, particularly in urban slums and hard-to-reach areas. The most major setback for children in primary schools is quality of education, which leads to low-learning outcomes and eventually, dropouts.

Under qualified teachers, inadequate infrastructure, poor nutrition and food security all affect learning. Many schools are overcrowded, and over 80 per cent run double shifts. Teacher supervision, monitoring and accountability lack strength.

Only one in four children in fifth grade have required skills in mathematics and Bangla, according to the 2013 National Student Assessment.

We have established a boarding madrasa (The Beacon Tree) since 2006. The Madrasa provides Religious Education and basic English, Math’s and Science to mainly orphaned children. Our vision to expand our educational project will start from 2022. This will consist of training centres, secondary school and a primary school.

Provide secular and religious education to the poorest children.