RDF Academy

One in four school-aged children in Bangladesh receives no education. They grow up essentially illiterate. For the many who do get a chance at school, the knowledge they receive is often inadequate. 

Under-qualified teachers, weak infrastructure, and poor nutrition badly impact their learning. Many schools are also over-subscribed and run double shifts to manage. 

To fight the tide of poor schooling, we have established a high-quality madrasah that gives free food and board. The RDF Academy was established in 2006 and provides holistic religious and worldly education to hundreds of poor and orphaned children in Sylhet. 

Alhamdulillah, we have completed the first phase of the school and now plan to expand it to include secondary education, vocational training and a nursery. 

Hifz Sponsorship

Memorising the Qur’an is one of the greatest gifts that Allah has bestowed upon this Ummah. Previous nations were unable to memorise their scriptures. The blessing was reserved for this Ummah alone.

Help poor children become huffadh of the Noble Qur’an by supporting our madrasah. The RDF Academy provides free education and board the orphans.

You can sponsor a child here to become a hafidh for less than a pound a day. Why not sponsor a child for the full five-year programme for just £910? You will earn continuous rewards for every good action that your sponsored child does. So don’t miss out. 

The RDF Academy – Sponsor a Hifz student on a 5 Year Program which only costs £910. Or contribute towards the running cost.